Why are some of Suede’s youtube videos missing?

Because Shopro, the Japanese company in charge of Pokémon, does not appreciate me using their visual media without permission. While my videos do fall under fair use in both New Zealand and the US, Japan has somewhat of a more archaic view of it. They quite often strike my videos down and though I’ve never failed to contest them, it can take a while for the process to go through.

Why are some videos on Youtube and some on Vimeo?

It’s a bit harder to take down videos on Vimeo, so when a video is down on Youtube or my channel is locked up due to copyright woes, I make use of it.

There is a broken link/error on the site, is there a way to let you know?

Yep! On your left there is the contact link. One of us will get back to you soon!

Who is Jess?

Visual editor, Patreon Illustrator, Webmaster, Business partner, Mother to Seth, Wife to me, All around decent individual.