Welcome to!

It’s finally here! We’ve been wanting to make a central hub for Suede videos ever since our copyright struggles have started over at Youtube. So many of you have had to deal with confusion of “Where is this week’s video?” Is it on Youtube? Is it on Vimeo? Where do I get updates when Youtube has frozen Suede’s account?

Mostly Suede’s been doing a lot of his updating from Twitter, but many of you don’t have Twitter or want to sift through the many tweets to actually find the videos and updates. So here the new site!

Basically you will be able to easily find and navigate where the videos are. If it’s on Youtube there will be a youtube link, if it’s on Vimeo there will be a Vimeo link. No more searching where Episode X is!

This site is VERY much in it’s early stages and any feedback is appreciated. If you find dead links, or something not working please use the contact form to let us know.

Thank you all for your kind support and viewings!

Suede and Jess