Suede Of The Union 20/05/2019

I would offer my apologies for writing the date in what must seem for US citizens an unusual order, but honestly ours make way more sense and you all need to catch up XD

This is the first of a weekly post I'm going to put up both here and on so that I can keep you guys updated on what's going on. I know I have a tendency to go dark and hopefully having a solid schedule will help to avoid that. I don't want to be a "my entire life is available to view" creator, but I also want to be honest and forthcoming about my projects so there's no confusion.

So, first issue: Where are the videos? Well, good news first: Episode 100 is scripted, recorded and sent to Dominic Noble for his collaboration! I personally wouldn't want the surprises in store spoiled, but if you aren't bothered by that kind of thing, the script is available here.

Dom said his part should be finished by the end of the month, so likewise the episode should be done then too. But what about the three other videos I usually put out? Well, for that we must place the blame upon Youtube and snot! ("What's the difference?" Har har)

I've been trying to get the website working right and figure out what the heck's going on with my strikes on youtube, and I got a virus from my son. I'm extremely lucky my income doesn't rely on youtube revenue, as that's been taken away too. My channel has been demonetized and because of that my MCN doesn't have access to it anymore, so it's slightly trickier for them to help me out.

Despite all that, I'm recovering nicely and we can get on with the proper routine as ASAP as possible! (yes, that was intentional) I'm doing a Watch Me Script tomorrow and Jess is helping out with website management. It seems like there's some sort of setback every month, but as long as I keep moving forward I remain hopeful!

One more thing, though: Because of the amount of messages I'm sorting through, You may get a reply from her instead of me. You'll know this from the astoundingly cryptic signifier of the message saying "Jess here" at the beginning. That being said, even if that is the case know that I still read all your messages even if it's not me specifically who replies. This is our job and we work VERY closely ;)

Thanks for indulging and I'll have more updates next week! see you at the scripting tomorrow!